We orghanize kayaking adventures  on the river Drava and Mierzecka Struga. We provide new comfortable kayaks, rescue equipment, transportation of kayaks, tranportation of  people to start and finish.

Our most popular two-day route passes through the lower section of the Drava and Mierzecka Struga. The event is a stationary, you don't have to change accommodation and  for evening campfires you can  always go back to Przystań Drava. Kayaking there  is comfortable becouse it takes only  are a couple of  hours.

The first day of  kayaking is  to our campsite from Stare Osieczno 14 kilometer long section of the lower Drava, equally beautiful and wild but rather calmer than one which runs through Drawa National Park.

The next day we propose a 19 kilometer kayaking from Mierzecka Struga-a small river, because of the its scenic beauty often called "small Drava" and continues to throuh Drava to our campsite in Przeborowo.

The price of 139 zlotys receive:

  • place in a double kayak made of polyethylene
  • place at the campsite -toilets  and showers with hot water
  • the possibility of preparing a meal
  • evening campfire
  • Transportation
  • Transfer to the campsite from central railway station in the Krzyż Wielkopolski
  • wi-fi
  • realization of ordered purchases.

We adjust our offer to the needs of our customers, we are open to other propositions.


Tylko 15zł/os.

Miejsca na polu namiotowym wyposażonym w toalety i prysznice z ciepłą wodą oraz kuchnię pod wiatą co pozwala na samodzielne przygotowanie posiłków.