For guests we have places on the campsite equipped with toilets and showers with hot water.
Kitchen located  under shelter which allows you to prepare your own meals. Moreover, electricity is available and there is no extra charge recharge the cell and to heat water for coffee or tea. Guests can also use the internet - wi-fi.

In the field they are arranged tables with benches, a place for a campfire and shelter.

It's all for the price of 15 zlotys per person, regardless of the number of tents and parked cars.

We also have positions to connect an additional charge of electricity for campers and caravans.


Tylko 15zł/os.

Miejsca na polu namiotowym wyposażonym w toalety i prysznice z ciepłą wodą oraz kuchnię pod wiatą co pozwala na samodzielne przygotowanie posiłków.